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Businesses seek to gauge how much pandemic has changed consumers

Making a quick trip to the store to pick up a product like wrapping paper, laundry detergent or toothpaste was a typical part of everyday life until the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Nonessential businesses were shut down to in-person visits for several months, and… Read More

When should employees come back to small businesses?

As more people are venturing out of their homes and into public spaces, many small businesses may be wondering when to bring back employees that were furloughed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The decision depends on the type of business and the volume… Read More

Experts offer tips on positioning business in post COVID economy

As more residents are being vaccinated and restrictions are being scaled back, small businesses remain in survival mode after COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns and ever-changing regulations dealt them crippling blows. The Maryland Daily Record recently hosted a webinar on “Positioning Your Business in a Post-COVID… Read More

Maryland Food Industry Council Virtual Hall of Fame Breakfast, November 12, 2020

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