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As Maryland considers a plastic bag ban, a nationwide bag shortage could pose problems

As Maryland considers banning single use plastic bags, a nationwide paper and reusable bag shortage could pose problems. Philip Rozenski, who works with a U.S packaging manufacturer called Novolex, said companies can’t keep up with the increase in demand. At least eight states in… Read More

Md. retailers concerned pandemic causes issues for proposed statewide plastic bag ban

Maryland is currently considering legislation that would ban single-use plastic bags. But some say the pandemic is complicating things. Retailers in Maryland say a nationwide shortage of paper bags could make banning plastic bags difficult. Some manufacturers have switched from making paper bags to making… Read More

Recycling Market Development Bill Headed for Governor’s Signature in Maryland

Maryland is among several states taking steps to strengthen its local recycling markets, a movement that has gained steam in recent years in response to disruptions from China’s recyclable scrap import bans and tightened contamination standards. “These markets have dried up because of a… Read More

Maryland Food Industry Council Virtual Hall of Fame Breakfast, November 12, 2020

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