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What Retailers (and all businesses) Need to Know about Phased Reopening

HR & Cocktails is a podcast that talks about compliance, challenges, great ideas and mishaps, and how Human Resources can move from an administrative, overhead department to a strategic contributor to the bottom line. Episode 10 : What Retailers (and all businesses) Need to Know… Read More

Some Maryland Businesses are Preparing to Reopen. But Don’t Expect the Economy to Bounce Back Quickly.

Retailers are pushing to get back to work with curbside service immediately, which has so far only been possible for those shops that have an online presence. Many Main Street-type businesses have remained shut down because they can’t afford shipping or websites, said Cailey… Read More

Retailers Urge Hogan to Allow Greater Use of Curbside Pickup

Maryland retailers who were forced to close last month because they were deemed “non-essential” have seen a crushing drop in sales since restrictions on commerce were issued. Now, they are begging the Hogan administration to allow greater use of curbside pickup. Allowing customers to… Read More